President's Day- Chicago's Lincoln Legacy

Lincoln Bust

Chicago has more statues of Abraham Lincoln than any place else in America. From the Edgewater neighborhood to South Side, there are statues of the 16th president. With so many statues one would think Chicago was Abraham Lincoln's hometown. Most of the statues were created by well known and even historic artists and are epic in proportion.

There is one work almost unknown to most Chicagoans.It is a bust of Abraham Lincoln. The Lincoln Gas Station was located on the corner of 69th and Wolcott, in the Englewood neighborhood. The owner, Phil Blomquist, commissioned a bust of Lincoln and placed it on the parkway in 1923. The bust stands five feet high. Though the gas station is long gone and the lot is vacant, the bust of Lincoln remains. Over the years the bust has been painted different colors, including black, and white with black polka dots.

Today the bust is white. It is pitted, defaced, and in disrepair. But there it stands. Forgotten except by locals and accidental passersby.


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