Mind Exhibition with Petr Bednarik

Now I can say I am not photographing just the reflection of myself but of who we are, what we are, of that oneness we are a part of, of that big "is".

My name is Petr Bednarik.
I was born in a beautiful country called the Czech Republic.
I have Masters Degree in Forestry.
I have lived my life to its full potential.
If there are any doors left I will open them.
If there are any windows left I will pull them out of its hinges.
When I leave my cup will be empty.

I approve this message.

But does it really matter? What really matters? Do you know?

Calumet Photo held an exhibition of photographs by Czech photographer Petr Bednarik last evening. It was billed as a closing reception. Calumet holds exhibitions and classes at their Goose Island location.



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