"!Ay Chiwowa" Billy Dec does it again

He's here. He's there. He's everywhere. Billy Dec. Billy Dec, the principal of Rockit Ranch Productions opens bar restaurants faster than bunnies propagate. He also put the network into networking before networking was even a concept.

Billy Dec is the epitome of aggressive social media marketing. His promotion of his newest endeavor, !Ay Chiwowa on Chicago Avenue is a perfect example. He aggressively promoted tonight's and this weekend's grand opening on Facebook, Twitter, and through emails.

!Ay Chiwowa occupies the space where the former Martini Ranch was located at 311 W. Chicago Avenue. Tonight's grand opening was a smash hit. The bar was crowded with twenty and thirty somethings and even a few fifty and sixty somethings.

!Ay Chiwowa offers a unique modern spin on tacos, tortas, tostadas and other Mexican delights along with one of the largest selections of tequilas in the city. Their 64oz Margarita is a sight to behold.

!Ay Chiwowa is steps from the Brown Line and the location is perfect for the River North after work crowd. Patrons raved about the food, the drinks, music, and the atmosphere. The walls are adorned with spray painted murals depicting Mexican topics. They are similar in artistic nature to the rear walls of the Alley at Clark and Belmont.

The rear of !Ay Chiwowa hosts a roped off VIP area decorated in red. !Ay Chiwowawa is definitely the new place to go and hang out in Chicago.



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