Al Capone residence

Al Capone was a lot of things. Capone was a bootlegger, brothel keeper, gambling impresario, celebrity gangster, and a man who ordered several vicious murders (Capone is known to have committed only one murder himself in Chicago).

Al Capone was also a devoted family man, in his own peculiar way. He moved his mother, sister, and brothers from Brooklyn, N.Y. to Chicago.

Capone bought a two flat in the Grand Crossing neighborhood. The home was kept in his mother's name then passed to his sister. Though Capone lived in various hotels, his wife, son, mother, sister, and brothers occupied the home.

There was a story about a reporter visiting the home to interview the big guy. Capone greeted him at the door wearing a pink apron over his clothes. Big Al was cooking dinner for the family.


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