Fake News, Past and Future: Trump, Nixon, and The Atomic Bomb (Episode #27 of MY PODCAST)

Fake News, Past and Future: Trump, Nixon, and The Atomic Bomb (Episode #27 of MY PODCAST)
The front page of a newspaper with the headline "Fake News" which illustrates the current phenomena. Front section of newspaper is on top of loosely stacked remainder of newspaper. All visible text is authored by the photographer. Photographed in a studio setting on a white background with a slight wide angle lens.

The newest episode of The Objectivist and The Vegan Podcast is on the air!

In this episode, Jack (The Vegan) and Steven (The Objectivist) discuss the past, present, and future of Fake News, including its predecessors (including The National Enquirer), present advocates (Donald Trump), and future consequences. We also debate a very heated topic since the event itself occurred in the 1940's: The Decision to use the Atomic Bomb! Also: Jack divulges his most shameful recommendation to date (at least in his mind), Steven pulls out his bank of trivia on The Manhattan Project, and we get a visit from the most famous gossip columnist of our age!

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