Let's all watch Julia Child cook chicken and forget about our problems for half an hour

Let's all watch Julia Child cook chicken and forget about our problems for half an hour

Ever since my grandma introduced me to The Food Network when I was an impressionable lad of ten or eleven, I have found watching food being prepared to be a very calming scenario. Watching meat searing, pasta boiling, and sauce bubbling has become a great comfort to me when I need to focus my mind on creating an instant product that can be enjoyed instantly after its creation. So much of what I do is long-term, whether it be rehearsing music or writing a book, and the encouragement and satisfaction of completion can be long-coming.

Of course, there are the stalwart food celebrities I simply adore watching, including Rachael Ray, Ina Garten, Martha Stewart. But, there is one person, above all, that makes living an instant joy:

Julia Child. 

I first became aware of Julia from my grandma, but she didn't have a firm place in my life until 2009 when the movie Julie & Julia was released. As I watched Meryl Streep embody this strong, confident woman, I was driven to seek out the real Julia. I plunged into my local library, reading her autobiography My Life in France, watching DVDs of The French Chef, and perusing her masterpiece of modern cookbooks, Mastering the Art of French Cooking. (Bit of trivia: my first Blogger blog, which has since been wiped clean from the slate of the internet, was titled Mastering the Art of Human Language.)

She soon became a friend of mine, though she had died a few years before I became truly aware of her significance. I've read about people who've had similar epiphanies, and it's a running theme that one feels totally connected to her without ever meeting her. Her warm, intelligent personality has made her a welcome guest in households worldwide.

And so, in the midst of debates, death, and debauchery, I have found refuge in entering the world of Julia Child.

I continue my theme this week of finding solace in humor with an entire episode of The French Chef, where Julia makes a bevy of chicken dishes. You'll laugh, your stomach will growl, and you'll be inspired to get into the kitchen and make a mess.

I hope you'll join me in getting away from any problem that you might have for half an hour and watch Julia Child cook chicken:

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