BREAKING: Usama Bin Laden's son swears vengeance against US for father's death (biography)

BREAKING: Usama Bin Laden's son swears vengeance against US for father's death (biography)

"Vani sono i lamenti; è tempo, o Sesto, ormai di vendicar il padre; si svegli alla vendetta l'anima neghittosa, che offesa da un tiranno invan riposa."

"Gone is the moment of lamenting; the time has come to avenge my father; I swear vengeance with utmost hatred, because a tyrant cannot live after such a crime." - Sesto, Handel's Julius Caesar

Breaking News: In true operatic fashion, Usama Bin Laden's son Hamza has threatened to avenge his father's death, according to SITE Intelligence Group. Hamza stated that the citizens of the US are responsible for their leader's actions, and promised retaliation for this offense. "If you think that your sinful crime that you committed in Abbottabad has passed without punishment, then you thought wrong," Hamza said in the audio distributed by As-Sahab. His whereabouts are unknown, but rumors are swirling that he will take over leadership of Al Qaeda.

Hamza, believed to have been born in 1991 by mother Khairiah Sabar, has been linked to terrorist attacks in the past. According to The Daily Hatch, "Hamza Bin Laden was implicated in the 2007 assassination of the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. However, according to an interrogation of a former al-Qaeda spokesman, Hamza was under house arrest in Iran when Bhutto was assassinated and was not released until 2010." In 2008, the world was outraged as video was released on Hamza reading a poem he had written, which included the following hateful speech: "Oh God, reward the fighters hitting the infidels and defectors. Oh God, guide the youth of the Islamic nation and let them assist with the fighters’ plans. God, be pleased with those who want to go for jihad — and blind those who are watching and want to capture them.”

Usama Bin Laden was killed in May 2011 by a United States special forces Unit. Hamza was the one person missing after the raid. Usama, according to The Daily Telegraph, "was grooming Hamza to be his heir apparent following the death of Hamza's older brother Saad in a 2009 US drone strike."

More information will be available in the coming days, so batten down the hatches and pass the cigar.


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