"Hell no, we won't go!": Wealthiest Republican donors refuse to add to Trump campaign's coffers

"Hell no, we won't go!": Wealthiest Republican donors refuse to add to Trump campaign's coffers

"Money, pardon the expression, is like manure. It's not worth a thing unless it's spread around, encouraging young things to grow." - Dolly Levi, from Jerry Herman's Hello Dolly.

According to about fifty of the wealthiest Republican campaign donators, Donald Trump is not a person they want to entrust their manure in. According to The New York Times, "A powerful array of the Republican Party’s largest financial backers remain deeply resistant to Trump’s presidential candidacy, forming a wall of opposition that could make it exceedingly difficult for him to meet his goal of raising $1 billion before the November election." When asked about how this setback would affect Trump's bid for the Presidency, Trump's spokeswoman uttered that, "There is tremendous support for Mr. Trump." Couldn't get out of your bubble bath to stir up a better refutation than that?

Of the fifty that were questioned, only nine said they would even think about contributing. Again from The New York Times: "Among the party’s biggest financiers disavowing Mr. Trump are Paul E. Singer, a New York investor who has spent at least $28 million for national Republicans since the 2012 election, and Joe Ricketts, the TD Ameritrade founder who with his wife Marlene has spent nearly $30 million over the same period of time, as well as the hedge fund managers William Oberndorf and Seth Klarman, and the Florida hospital executive Mike Fernandez. 'If it is Trump vs. Clinton,' Mr. Oberndorf said, 'I will be voting for Hillary.' " (All above quotes can be found in this article from The New York Times.)

What do we make of all of this?

Say what you want about the GOP (which, incidentally, does not stand for Grandpa's Out [of] Pills, surprisingly enough) they are loyal in supporting those they believe in. If a political figure happens to be a Republican and he's likable, semi-coherent and electable, they will get their dollar bill cannons out and not extinguish the fuse until the last horse has crossed the finish line. Trump has been a vocal critic of the formal and informal base of The Republican Party and it seems like he's finally ticked off enough of them to put a real damper in his day.

The beauty of this is the fact that Trump, for all of his talk about being filthy, stinking rich, he can't seem to come up with enough money to finance his own campaign! Mr. Trump should be able to put his Washingtons where his mouth is and fuel his own machine. If he's truly as well-endowed as he has stated (and I'm not talking physiologically, either, even though Trump has repudiated the whole "small hands" argument) then he should have the means to fit his starched-up rear end.

I heard an interview with Tom Hanks, on the iconic BBC Radio program Desert Island Discs, who summed up the reality of Trump's situation. He stated that the vocalness of Trump's supporters isn't enough to win him the election. When it comes down to numbers, Trump has the support of roughly 28% of the United States. This, contrary to popular belief, is not enough to win an election. Just because Trump's supporters are the loudest, it doesn't mean they are the most powerful. And, sadly, when 28% of your supporters are poorly educated, gullible and penniless, there aren't may blue collar chaps who have the means to add to Mr. Trump's wallet.

If Trump's ideas had any basis in reality, he would have supporters the world over, willing to donate and support his race. The fact that most of his ideas are reactionary, short-sighted, misogynistic, and, frankly, racist, his wheels are doomed to turn slower and slower until they come to a denouement. When you discriminate against one faction of humanity, those who believe in racial, gender, and sexual equality will band together to protect rational human beings from being brainwashed by rhetoric.

Trump's campaign is seriously losing steam and, without coal to heat the furnace, there's simply no way it can continue.

What was once a shooting star has unceremoniously collapsed into a black hole.

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