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Listen For That Small Whisper Especially at Christmas Time!

Today before I could do my early morning ritual (stretching and praying), I looked at the clock and realized I was late! I couldn’t believe something happened overnight that led me to oversleep, which unfortunately would make me late for work, late for prayer, late for my entire post prayer routine (which includes making breakfast... Read more »

12 Days of......NO! NO! NO! How about the 12 DANCES of CHRISTmas?

12 Days of......NO! NO! NO! How about the 12 DANCES of CHRISTmas?
The 12 Days of Christmas song has become a constant in the past few weeks, but have you heard about the 12 Dances of CHRISTmas? Ministered by the dancers of Charisma Christian Arts, lead by Eagle Michelle Davis, this ensemble truly answers the “What Is Praise Dance” question! Comprised of all ages, this ministry keeps... Read more »

Stop The Crime: In Chicago Schools, Sandy Hook & Everywhere

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There is a solution to end the crime in schools across America.   Although we try to hide the problem from our youth, it inspires me to find out that, we, Adults, obviously do not hold the answer!  This week I heard the poem recited in the video.  Although written and adapted long ago, it is very... Read more »

Its The CHRISTmas Weekend Baby!!!

Its The CHRISTmas Weekend Baby!!!
Yes the weather outside is frightful,  but the fire is so… No there is no time to relax by the fire, because we are not done shopping!!! It is the weekend before Christmas, and many of us are running around in a panic because we have yet to cross off every name on our never... Read more »
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