My Epic Phenomenal Decision for 2016: BING or Bust

My Epic Phenomenal Decision for 2016: BING or Bust

This year, 2015, was a year like none other! This year, for all 1975 babies, was/is the year we become true adults as we join the Fabulous FORTY club!

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As momentous as this year was to be for me, I made a very important decision to live life to the fullest and try to go, see, and do as much as I can to celebrate this official rite of passage!

My first decision was to travel the world, country, state, city as much as I can and to have at least one excursion monthly.  Although I have shared this love of travel before, I bet you did know that to really make this happen, I had to do a lot of shifting, redirecting, and planning. The great thing about shifting, moving and going is that you recognize the perspectives of others, while leaning heavily upon your own skills. Through my traveling this year, I learned a lot about myself and my needs and discovered I did not need all that I once believed I did.  I did not need the people, the stuff, the titles and activities I have filled my calendar with, but all I really need is TRUTH.

In this truth, I discovered another pivotal fact. I was comfortable to the point of stagnation.

In fact, I was so comfortable with assignments and tasks, I accepted the mediocre. I began to attach my name to projects, events and assignments that were "enough to get by" so I could continue to coast.  But let me tell you, when God has called you to a higher level of accountability, mediocre will not cut it.  You will be called to the carpet.  One of my paralyzed classmates called me to the carpet. If he could complete his assignments on time (and with much depth) using a stick on his forehead to type.....what was my excuse?  WHAT IS YOUR EXCUSE??

I heard, prayed, cried, received confirmation, then made the decision of the year.  I made a decision that will essentially affect me for the next few years, but I am excited.

What is the decision, you ask???

Well, I am leaving Chicago and I all that I know and love...... to move to a new city, region, and position.........

This Chitown girl has a #NEWYORKSTATEOFMIND

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Yep, we are moving to Upstate New York!

Balloons In The Sky

We are moving to develop/expand other realms of my life and I believe all that I have seen and done this year led me to discover this new territory.

In the words of Tasha Cobbs.....I hear the chains falling, and I am excited!

In the days to come, I will share more about my decision, plans and life on this blog or here.

Please continue to pray with and for me as we enlarge our territory as I continue to pray for you to determine your next!

These are some challenging times, and God  is calling His people to draw closer! He is calling you to another level in Him!

What decisions do you need to make to shift your 2016??

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