Relax, Relate, Release and Travel !

Relax, Relate, Release and Travel !

It seems like there comes a time when our daily routine will cause us more pain than joy and our normal tension relievers will not shift the atmosphere! We pray, meditate, cry, fuss and then God shows His hand!  For me, it is usually a notice that a flight is on sale....It is through travel that I am able to Relax Relate Release and Regroup!!

When I am able to disconnect from the daily grind and expose myself to another city, state, country, it is then I am able to breathe!

My devotional time can last for hours as I bask in the glory of all that He has created!

Through travel, I've met people, seen places, learned traditions, and trends that no google search would allow.

Abu Dhabi Mosque

Please do not believe that you must be abnormally wealthy to enjoy this escape! I have driven to a destination and shifted my life!

I have so many more tips and ideas to share with you....

Join me tomorrow as I speak on a panel dedicated to increasing family travel!

Chicago Wandering Moms Meetup 11/7/15

Chicago Wandering Moms Meetup 11/7/15

We will be sharing stories, tips, and our powerful travel testimonies!!

After all, we have been called to “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation." Mark16:15

Make sure you use the link below to sign up and join us!


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