Ending Singleness: The Besties' Guide

Ending Singleness: The Besties' Guide

Everyone on earth wants to help the "single girl" in their circle end her days of loneliness, but never bother to include such person in their plans! Why doesn't anyone ask such "lonely girl" why they are single (perhaps she needs a break), or what they are looking for to end the singleness?  Well, let me tell you, because this is my year of FORTY, my besties have plotted and suggested ideas, a virtual guide, to END my Singleness.

I must admit, initially, I was afraid to let go....but I prayed, and decided to LIVE. So, away we go.

Idea #1: GET A POF Page and APP: I was given orders to complete a local dating page, and download the app.  Of course the app was required because I could see faces better and get alerts! WOW, who knew... One of the Besties had so much success on this page, she is now planning a wedding with her fiance, found on the site! So I have proof of success, so there is nothing to hold me back.  I make a page and begin getting alerts!!! So now, 2 months after trying this app, I believe I am where I started. I have met many nice people, but something always felt weird. In fact, one of the better conversations I had, with one of the better "connections" went like this:

#InspireMe Nightmare Texts

The result? He has 13 kids and then had the nerve to get an attitude because I asked.....Ughhh.

Idea #2: Try another App!  Already sensing my hesitation, Bestie says this one is good because you can see the local available men and they will connect immediately. HUH? So dummy me, being the open minded one, downloads yet another app and it searches men and allows me to swipe yes or no.  I swipe no through them all and YAY, begin to get messages!  The most exciting message was like the one below.

Website Dating Conversations InspireME

I started to feel like I was in Groundhog day.

Idea #3: Start doing EVERYTHING! This idea meant that I must accept every invitation, and go out to new places, meet new people, and do new things! This works even better on DW (daddy's weekend)!

Let me tell you!! This idea has been the BEST.  Although I have not necessarily met any potential Boazes, I have met and reconnected with SO MANY PEOPLE!  I cannot forget that this plan also feeds my TRAVEL BUG.....The only concern is budget, but I will blog about that later..

So, for other singles in the city, relax and let go! If your Besties have a plan/guide for your life, if you trust them, try it. If you are nervous, of course go to God in prayer, and He will confirm/deny these plans.

Remember Psalm 37:4,  if you Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.

Also, we have no need to worry! He's got us!

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble." Matthew 6:34

So for today, I will live and have safe fun! Join me!

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