She Pulled The Cord and I Died Slowly

She Pulled The Cord and I Died Slowly

Although I fully intended to write an awesome blog post on the ups and downs of my day, week, month so far, tonight's Grey's Anatomy shifted my entire world.  Tonight, MCDREAMY- The Dr. Derek Shepherd, saved several car accident victims, and was then hit head on by an eighteen wheeler truck!

Borrowed from ""

Borrowed from ""

The doctors made some poor decisions, Meredith was called and then she had to make a choice.  When she pulled the cord, as Derek's last breath was expelled, I slowly (yet quickly) died too.

I was hurting and fell into inconsolable sobs, obviously so loud that my child to ran into my room to see what was going on.



Why did Shonda and team kill off one of the smoothest doctors on television?

Why did the romance that overcame years of challenges and obstacles end on the table?

Why did I respond to this television show like this?

Is it because I believed in the romance between Shepherd and Grey?

Is it because I thought briefly of deciding to pull the "plug" on my uncle several years ago?

Or was it just because?

Because I found solace in the love that was shown between the Gray-Shepard connection.

Because I was at peace looking at the relationship, doomed from the start, that was winning!

I think my soul cried for a moment, just because this episode made life real.

“Compassion, acceptance and LOVE is the cure to MOST of the issues that plague this world.”
― Yvonne PierreThe Day My Soul Cried: A Memoir

This show, this love, this team, this weekly hour was my escape.  And now that has changed, and I released.

However, because I know I serve a God that is able to keep me from falling, I know that there is a better tomorrow.

I know I can grieve the death of Dr. Shepherd, then laugh at myself because I am a mess.

In loving memory of Derek Shepherd: You will be missed. ❤️❤️❤️#RIPDerek #RIPMcDreamy#GreysAnatomy

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