Miss Travelista Makes a Mistake

Miss Travelista Makes a Mistake

As many of you know, I have recently been bit by the TRAVEL BUG and I love taking moments to research travel bargains, then ESCAPE the Inspirational/Fun events in Chicago.  My little one also has now developed a thirst for Passport Stamps, and (because I am a great mother) I cannot deny her that!  However,on this last trip, I must admit,  I made a horrible mistake!

While flying to Paris, we had a 4 hour layover on our ticket.  So I planned an awesome escape that would allow my daughter and I one additional PASSPORT STAMP!

Istanbul StampWe reviewed the Layover Guide and began to dream about seeing the Blue Mosque or Sultanahmet Mosque Blue Mosque

and the Hagia Sophia

Hagia Sophia

in our brief moment in Istanbul.


We needed to taste the Turkish ice cream and again get our STAMPS! Since we were traveling with carry-on luggage, there was not much to worry about....


  1. Mistake #1 : The Passport Control/Customs/Security line!  Yes, we have traveled and I know that clearing customs has always added time unto ones departure, however, this CRAZY line went on FOREVER!  Once I saw this I began to panic.
  2. Mistake #2 : The time shift! Once I began to panic I ran around asking the "official looking" employees about how I could exit and return quickly! Finally, one of the "nicer" ticket agents reviewed my documents and quickly told us instead of 4 hours, we only had 2 and our plane has probably begun boarding!!! INSERT PANICKED SCREAM HERE! No I don't know any Turkish, I am now afraid to ask for any more assistance from the "nicer" employees, and I am stuck on the arrivals side of the terminal and my plane is departing for PARIS in less than an hour!!!!!
  3. Mistake #3 : Being STUCK on the arrival side of the terminal! Let me explain.  Once you exit the plane, they ask if you are connecting or exiting the terminal, which if you choose exiting, you go to another side of the terminal that prevents return to the other side for departing without going through SECURITY!!! INSERT ANOTHER PANICKED SCREAM!! I could not and would not stand in the line I'd passed when trying to view Istanbul! I could not as I was supposed to LEAVE!! Why couldn't anyone understand this????

So, one of the "nicer" employees tells me to go to the ticket booth and check-in for my flight.  Of course, I'd already checked in when I left O'hare so I rolled my eyes and said, "that doesn't make sense, I just want to get back to the other side." Not my nicest moment, I know.

I go to the XXX ticket counter and begin to unload....really unload and the man, noticing my English (or my frustration), steps from behind the booth and says "Ma'am you must go through security and you will be able to go to your flight." I begin to share that I cannot "do" security because it will make me miss my flight!  He stops me and says, "Come Come" and shows me this hidden little security, where there is no line!  "Here, now you can go to your flight," the wonderful man says. OMG!! OMG!!  If I could have kissed this Angel From Heaven, I would have! I said, "Is that it?," and Prince Charming said, "YES, goodbye."

We ran through security and went to sit at our appropriate gate for departure.......

Let me tell you, if this adventure was not a true test of faith, I don't know what is!! All while I was moving further and further into this mistake, this passport stamp quest, I was praying because in Psalms 28:7 it says:

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and he helps me. My heart leaps for joy, and with my song I praise him.

I know we were covered, and although I was acting crazy, I should have walked faithfully, knowing that we would be okay.  For the bible says in Isaiah 41:10:

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

We made it safely to and from our vacation (more blogs to come), and I have learned my lesson! Although we laugh about the Istabul adventure now, this mistake will go down in history as an event my daughter and I will never forget!

Have you made a mistake that you can laugh about now?

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