God, Church and Rauner?

God, Church and Rauner?
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I usually try to stay away from posts involving politics, as it often fuels the fire for a lot of "heated debates", but to the victor comes the spoils, and I am willing to take the heat.  During a recent worship service at my small Roseland area church, we received a visitor that did not resemble many of the parishioners nor  (non election) visitors in the past.  As very astute people, we knew that we were to receive either  a special announcement or a request so we waited.  Unlike any of the other visitors, this tall gentleman did not speak very early in the service, but instead allowed renowned gospel singer/philanthropist Dr. Willie Wilson to lead the charge.

Because Dr. Wilson is known to sow a seed into the worship centers he is invited to, his appearance was not a surprise, but the actions that followed did.  Mr. Williams and his wife proceeded to gift our small church with a 5 digit donation, then sang and provided a message.  After his message,  he introduced a man that he  said "believed in our vision, would help our communities, and was a person to trust in the next election". It was then I finally understood it all.  Mr. Rauner got up, talked about his love for Mr. Williams, and how he would work with him to reach the masses (aka church folk).  He finalized with his "for the people" speech and then it was over.

Many in the congregation  were concerned, not because Rauner is a republican candidate, but because he proclaims to have a passion for serving all, yet in the middle of our worship time he is given an opportunity to speak and says nothing.  Perhaps he knew we would be suspicious, but if you are going to "pimp the church/worship time" at least come ready to intellectually provide information and factual data to support why we should vote for you.

I am tired of politicians coming to the church with big promises and empty statements. If you want to reach my community do something relevant to actually demonstrate your beliefs, and definitely continue to have a presence outside of the election/campaign period.

Unfortunately, I was unable to focus on the rest of the service, nor the message our Pastor shared after the presentation.  I felt confused, used, upset and felt as if it were an attack.  So I immediately began to pray not only for the minds of the people during the election, but also that He would send someone to authentically serve the people of  Illinois.

So shall they fear the name of the LORD from the west and His glory from the rising of the sun. When the enemy shall come in like a flood, the Spirit of the LORD shall lift up a standard against him. Isaiah 59: 18


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