Alzheimer's Disease Stole My Grandmother

As the matriarch of our family, my grandmother guided (with a sweet forcefulness) the lives of my entire family (including mine) as far back as I can remember.  She would go to work, make dinner, plan reunions and still make scarves for us for the winter all in one day!  A FystyMama before I coined the phrase, she embodied strength, courage and wisdom all the days of my life.  She was the one that taught me to pay myself first, and was a living testament of tithing regularly and "living right" too!  Don't get me wrong, I had a strong grandfather too, but my Billie was the model of womanhood I desired to become.

Soon after college, we still ran around, but I noticed the subtle signs of change.  Then I found the Aricept, and my worst fears were confirmed.  I share the torment here and here, but will only say now, I miss you Billie!

I always dreamed of the day my grandmother would be able to stand at my wedding and celebrate the joys of my first marriage, the first this and that, and although she made it for many....I still long for more!

It is because of Billie, that I walk every year to End Alzheimer's Disease.  I want to prevent others from feeling the loss I feel daily.



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