Not Lil Wayne-What's Inspiring Me More-Chicago Kids

Not Lil Wayne-What's Inspiring Me More-Chicago Kids

From the frenzy of Lil Wayne's hospitalization to the tragic murders of children  in Chicago, I am often left seeking something inspiring to become excited about.  Yes, I can write about events and activities in Chicago to inspire us.  Likewise, I understand the power of prayer and the ability to change the atmosphere, but as a parent, right now I am concerned about my child, this city and her future.   Today I saw another glimmer of inspiration.

While walking in a bank, there were four little rowdy girls and two adults attempting to sale Girl Scout Cookies (a recent passion of mine).  This bank, one of the older banks in the community, has an older clientele and IMO not  the best place to sell cookies.  I was going to make my purchase, but instead I chose to watch.  I stayed for about 10 minutes and noticed the customers walk in and out, barely acknowledging the young ladies.  The leaders continued to encourage the four  7-8 year old girls, preparing them for the first cookie sale.  Right as I was about to give up and just buy them all (smile) a gentleman that had previously passed by the booth, stopped right in front of the table and stood.  The very excited young ladies shouted (almost in unison) "Hi would you like to buy some Girl Scout cookies". Then, one little one shouted they are $4 for one and 5 boxes for $20.  This great guy pulled out his wallet and said "That 5 for $20 sounds like a great deal" and the girls went wild.  The man could barely pick up his cookies because they were around him, thanking him for  buying cookies!

This scene made me happy because this gentleman, like other banking customers, did not have to stop or even look at the little girls, but he did.  His act of kindness may not have meant much to him, but it did so much for the little Brownies.    Almost ready to give up and go home, this one sale gave the girls hope and the energy to endure! I am not sure the gentleman understood the magnitude of his purchase, but I did!

Thank you kind Sir, for you have inspired me today!

Even when we want to give up, just like these little ones, we should faithfully hold on and press on-because there might be one kind stranger in our future!



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