Cookies Cookies Cookies!! Girl Scouts Are Everywhere!

Cookies Cookies Cookies!! Girl Scouts Are Everywhere!

At church today, I was amazed watching the parents lug in bags and bags of Girl Scout cookies, while their young ladies ran behind trying to catch each and every buyer. I was excited because I remember the days I was one of these little girls frantic to sell sell sell. Little did I know, in my race to become the Top Seller, that I was building skills that would greatly benefit me in my future. As I am sure these young ladies at church probably don't either.

Being the great organization that it is, Girl Scouts of America, has created the cookie program as an initiative to build 5 Important skills to prepare our leaders of tomorrow. As mentioned on the GS website "Selling cookies teaches goal setting, decision making, money management, people skills, and business ethics—aspects essential to leadership, to success, and to life."

I am inspired by the passion demonstrated by the young ladies in church, in our communities, and at local retailers selling their cookies! These young ladies are not out causing trouble or chasing little boys, but are preparing themselves for the future!Girl Scouts

We must support good endeavors such as the 2013 Girl Scout Cookie Program! Each box helps the troop achieve "self defined" goals, such as traveling and participation in projects that further broaden their horizons.

To find cookies in your area:

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  2. Download the Girl Scout Cookie Finder App:  Google   or   Itunes

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