Rick Ross Has More to Worry About

Rick Ross Has More to Worry About

I looked at today's headlines and noticed we are being bombarded with information regarding the latest attack against Rick Ross and his enterage. Yes needless shooting and killing are a tragic, but we must look at Rick and also notice that if it isn't gunfire that may cause his demise,  a "Shot To The Heart" or stroke may be the next probable cause.

So for all of my Rick Ross fans, and those with demographic features similar to Mr. Ross, I am inspired to share the following information with you!

Based upon information from the American Heart Association , there are factors  (those that you can change, and those you cannot) that may increase your risk of stroke:

  1. Age and Gender
  2. Family History
  3. Blood Pressure
  4. Overweight
  5. Low Physical Actitivity
  6. Heart Disease or Prior Stroke
  7. Smoking or continued exposure to smoking ( e.g. cigarette, other)
  8. Diabetes
  9. Total Cholesterol above 200mg/dL
  10. Low HDL

There are two events this week in the Chicago-land area that will focus on education and information to reduce or eliminate Heart Disease.  Unfortunately, these will not help Rick Ross, but it can definitely help you and your loved ones!  Please participate in these events and/or contact the hosts for more information. We must take the steps to reduce or eliminate Heart Disease!

“Heart 360 – Get to Goal” launch event on Tuesday January 29, 2013 from 6:00 – 8:00 pm (5:30 – 6:00 pm Registration & Networking) at South Shore Cultural Center located at 7059 S. South Shore Drive in Chicago, IL.  This event will feature Dr. LaMar Hasbrouck, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health and Dr. Damon Arnold, Director of the Public Health Program at Chicago State University. For more information or to register for this FREE event, please contact Lyzeth Mondragon at P: 312.476.6607 or E: Lyzeth.Mondragon@heart.or

Heart 360 Chicago Event


Bleeding Heart Project is holding their 2nd Annual Heart Health Awareness Expo Party at Good Gyrrl Fitness! This is definitely an event that will focus on Heart Healthy Fun.  For more information contact Raijean at raijean@swa-rai.com

Bleeding Heart Project


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