Does religion give one the right to be a bigot?

Ignorance may be bliss, but that doesn’t give one a pass to be an asshole either.

Most humans possess the ability to think something through, figure something out and have a gut feeling that what they’re contemplating is inappropriate or just freaking wrong.

There are those among us that are book smart, or those procuring the street-smart title, and some can only rely on their common sense, their gut. To be lacking all three is just unbelievable.

For most of us, Ignorance means un-aware-ness. It means unfamiliarity. It means to me that there may be a possibility that you’re willing and more importantly ABLE to learn.

How many instances does it take for us to ask WTF is going on here? And more importantly, how can we fix this? Intolerance is not an option. It should NEVER be an option.

When race and religion enter into a picture, the topics both being heated ones, calm and rational minds need to prevail.

This article was in the Rock River Times:

This story needs to be addressed for what it is, for all the ignorance and intolerance it expresses.
The hurt it spreads and bad judgement it shows.

There are a couple of things that stand out to me, but the first one was the message that was left on the bill, at the table with the couple and their children.

“Cant tip Someone who doesnt love Jesus! Bad tatoo”

Spelling and grammar aside, this is a definitive example of bad parenting. Way to set an example of both stiffing the server of a tip and teaching your children hate instead of love. You don’t like tattoos? Don’t look at it.

My question is to you, the cheap fake Christian bigots at the table. What I’d like to know – the question burning in my mind is… what makes you tick? How is it that you are comfortable showing children, your children that it is ok to judge people based on their orientation?

The worst part of this was the opting out. And you did this on so many levels.

You touted religion as your reason to be a cheap and horrible example of a human being. If you were too cheap to leave a tip, that’s one thing. Maybe you should look into a drive-thru instead of a sit down restaurant. But you weren’t just being cheap, you were passing the buck to jesus. You know, the guy you profess to follow, the guy that cured lepers and rose from the dead, the guy that preached love and tolerance. Your misguided actions were everything BUT Christian. Jesus fixed the lepers, but obviously, he can’t fix stupid.

How is this "Christian teachings?" Simple. It isn't. You can’t start making rules to fit into your own prejudices. You’ve found salvation and want to share it with the world. Good for you. But do you know what else you’re sharing? Stupidity, ignorance and a lack of common sense.

If you're going to quote the bible or shove your religion down someone's throat, make sure your actions don’t bite you in the ass. Because from where I’m sitting, there’s a whole lot of ass to bite.

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