PayPal is No Pal of Mine

This is an open letter to John McCabe - Senior Vice President - Customer Service and Operations at PayPal.

Most people have learned not to ask my opinion unless they want it. Really, really want it. I feel as long as you’ve asked, you are prepared for an honest answer.

I received an email from you inviting me to share my experience about my interaction with your company last week. You feel your survey would take less than 5 minutes to complete, but, well, you decide.

I made a purchase with a new vendor last week. They requested I pay through PayPal. Not a big deal, been using it for ages. Only difference here was I wanted to make a credit card purchase. Period.

Evidently it wasn’t that easy to do. My entire call took a mere One hour and ten minutes.

I called PayPal when I discovered the default was pay with cash in account OR withdraw cash from account, make payment with credit card, redeposit cash. Obviously I couldn’t make a full card payment as long as I had cash on hand.

The service rep, Veronica, agreed I couldn’t do what I intended without help. She wanted to know why I wanted to use the card instead of cash? Really? Is that a typical question asked when making a purchase? Jeeze. She agreed to help me, explaining she would need to sign me in as a guest.

Veronica gave me directions and I repeated everything back to her. She was changing something on the account for this payment and all I needed to do was click on the make payment button when she was finished. I awaited my instructions and followed her directions. She was Done. Button pressed. . .

And Voila! – my account was now relieved of all the cash in my account. WTF? The remaining balance, after all my cash was gone, was taken off my credit card. EXACTLY. WHAT. I. DIDN’T. WANT.

Evidently I didn’t repeat enough times what I wanted. My specific request of no cash being touched was ignored. Someone evidently skipped a step in helping me. Worse than no customer service is BAD customer service. Unable to rectify her error, I was shuffled to Elton, who was supposed to be her supervisor – not true. Not done yet, I was then transferred to supervisor Craig, who told me PayPal is not allowed to rescind a payment and re-do another one. After all, it was MY mistake, because I PRESSED the PAY NOW Button! I was told to call my new vendor and tell them not to accept payment, only then could we redo this error. Never once did PayPal offer to call the vendor for me and explain their error. I could have easily screwed this up on my own, but now I had a full circus of participants.

In the vein of “the more the merrier,” I went to PayPal’s Facebook page and stated my dissatisfaction there. Someone immediately got back to me and told me to private message them details, which I did. They said they would contact me, which they did not. After over an hour, I went back to Facebook to relay my frustration with them. They sent me a link on how to send a personal message on Facebook. I wrote that I was pretty certain I knew how to do that and I felt they were stalling and had no real intention of helping me. No response, again for over an hour, so I tried to contact them again. It was then I discovered I had been blocked from not only the PayPal page, but their private messages as well.

This has never been resolved, PayPal has never contacted me except to ask me to evaluate their service.

So, Mr. John McCabe, Senior Vice President of Customer Service and Operations, what do you think about your Commitment to Excellence?


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