Thank you, more please

Thank you, more please

"Gratefully accept all of your blessings and then ask for more" - Geneva Giglio

It is funny how the universe works almost as a conductor of the most beautiful sounding orchestra. It is beautiful sounding because of its leader, without a leader to organize the sounds into harmony, each part would be uncertain of its role. We all have our own orchestra, but amazingly enough, we are all being led by the same divine power.

Anytime I forget this, God has a way of showing me that everything on this Earth, physical or metaphysical, was created by the same hand. I recently finished the book, The Alchemist, and one of the most powerful messages that I received is that I am worthy of all the greatness that enters into my life.

For others maybe this isn't a challenging message to grasp, but for those like me repeat out-loud: "I am worthy".

Anytime I would receive a blessing I would think that it happened by chance, it was too good to be true, or that I am not worthy of such a blessing. Well, this is all far from the truth. God is my conductor, when He cues a specific part of my orchestra to begin to play, I must say thank you and please continue your perfect masterpiece.

In the book, a character also makes the same mistake as I do. When he is offered a gift, he claims he is unworthy of such generosity. The gift giver tells him to never repeat such a statement again, because next time the universe will give him less.

When our heart is pure and filled with good intentions, we receive recognition that we are doing exactly what we should be doing. God wanted us to live in abundance; an abundance of happiness, gratitude, empathy, love, faith, and so much more. When He gives us more we need to remember to always accept it and say,

thank you, more please.

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