Meditating: whose voice am I trying to listen for?

Meditating: whose voice am I trying to listen for?

"Silence produces the sounds of a beautiful melody" - Geneva Giglio

My thoughts did a 12 mile run yesterday, so I am a bit exhausted. It makes me wonder how people learn and condition their mind to become quiet. They are able to reach a place of calm and connect with an inner peace that I question even exists.

I have been wanting to learn to mediate, to quiet my thoughts, learn to focus my energy, and reach a place of "soulrenity". Learning how to mediate has been on my recent "to-do" list, and while I am intrigued by this method, I have to stop and state my intentions.

I brought up this idea of meditation to someone near-and-dear to me; I wanted to hear her opinion. Knowing where she places her whole heart and being, I knew her response would be biblical rooted. I wanted to hear anyways...

After listening to her beliefs and there connection to meditation it made me have a lot of unanswered questions. I believe that our thoughts can be deafening, and the constant noise drowns out truth in a lot of occasions, which is exactly why I am wanting to learn the art of meditation.

However, who am I meditating for?
Who am I trying to quiet and who am I trying to listen for?

Maybe it is not about learning to create stillness and silence. Instead, it is a way to learn to tune into that channel that never seems to come in clear because of the conflicting signals your thoughts and circumstances are sending out, creating interference.

Every time I feel that I am in control of my mind, body, spirit, and situation I fall. I fall hard, showing me that I am not completely in control nor can I go through life alone.

I need help. I need guidance. I need unconditional love.

I want to meditate.
What is wrong with wanting to be able to silence those thoughts that may be holding us back in the first place. In those moments of peace we are ultimately trying to gain some sort of enlightenment and create a new awareness, which has to come from somewhere right?

I think that meditation will be an exercise that can be used to connect the physical and spiritual being, however, I personally have to acknowledge that it is not my voice I am listening for. It goes beyond my flesh and beyond my own reason. It is my God (yes, I name dropped) and his holy spirit and that awakens mine.


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  • I think this is the book you might want to start with...

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Actually sorry - that is the book you get once you've started and are practicing regularly.

    THIS is the book you want to start with:

  • In reply to gpldan:

    Thank you for the book recommendations! I will you posted when I start reading Everyday Zen!

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