Life as improv theatre

"We all improv in life, however, in the end we will have written a complete script" - Geneva Giglio

Most of the time we are too busy with turning our minor problems into major problems and we are too busy caring about how we feel that we forget about the feelings of others around us. We become obsessed with trying to gain direction when all we have to do is STOP! Stop and listen.

Maybe we need to think of ourselves as playing a part in the grandest improvisational theatre show ever created. It has the largest cast and unlimited possiblities. The show is improv, so for some of us actors this may seem overwhelming.

What? there is no script that we get to read ahead of time?

When we accept the reality that we do not know exactly what is going to come next we learn to become present in the moment, or in the N.O.W. When we make this conscious effort the universe begins to reveal more possibilities.

Noticing the Outer Wonders (N.O.W) of this amazing universe, you begin to develop an awareness beyond the self. You no longer think of yourself as the main character in the play, but as a supporting actor. You support the other actors, you respect the set, and listen closely for direction or cues.

The success of the show is not determined by one actor on stage, it is the combination of the entire cast and how well they are in the present moment: listening, responding, and adjusting. If we continue to try and control the outcome of the show it could take a turn for the worst because we are being unreceptive to change and disrupting the natural progression that has been created from being in the N.O.W.

A great show has elements of laughter, heart-ache, intensity and drama. We have to remember that we have no script, so in each scene perform your best. Respect the stage and everyone sharing it with you, and remember no one is guaranteed a second act.

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