Are you responsible for making your significant other color blind?

Are you responsible for making your significant other color blind?

"With each emotion expressed, we create a new shade of color in our portrait" - Geneva Giglio

When you enter into a relationship you should always remain true to yourself. When you begin to camouflage your true colors, your signifcant other becomes color blind. He or she may see red, but you really are wearing blue. But whose fault is that?

You may say "I'm okay," and at the moment your partner color-coded your expression, your body language, and your energy. If you both are on the assumption that trust is the building block for your relationship, then he or she will believe you are "Okay". Your partner will then bookmark that moment, with all his or her observations, and use those memories for similar future situations. Because let's face it, it can be quite irritating if someone asks you the same question over and over, thinking they will receive a different response.

Who's to tell YOU, how YOU are feeling?

If your not okay, then do not claim to be. Do not try to camouflage your true colors from your partner. Remember, he or she is NOT your enemy, therefore you do not need to hide.

I have realized that maybe we fall into this pattern because we do not stay true to ourselves; therefore, how are we able to stay true to others? We hide and camouflage our true essence from none other than ourself. We develop personality traits, defense mechanisms, and rely on the opinions of others to create distance from the person that we are meant to be. Maybe we are scared of being hurt or rejected, or even more terrified of succeeding. However, straying away from our purpose, will only create more of an identity crisis!

If we have an identity crisis from the start, how does that translate into a relationship? We do major damage, we color blind our partners. Do not hold back from being the person that you are, and that you strive to be. If you are unable to reveal your true colors in their purest form, and are unable to share their beauty, then maybe you are not with a person that is meant for you.

Whether it's a bright vibrant day filled with yellows and greens, or it's a day gloomy day filled with blacks and shades of charcoal, let those colors express themselves, let those emotions or feelings remain organic and your partner will no longer be color blind.

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