Ranking the Bears positions: TE

Ranking the Bears positions: TE

The Bears tight end position hasn't quite changed. The most that the Bears have done is resigning Kellen Davis and drafting Evan Rodriguez in the 4th round. Although it could have been worse (Davis could have went elsewhere and the Bears would be stuck with Matt Spaeth) it could have been even better with guys like John Carlson, Jacob Tamme, and Jermichael Finley out in the open market. The Bears had also a chance to trade for ex-Buccaneers TE, Kellen Winslow, who went to the Seattle Seahawks for a lower round pick in the 2014 draft. The Bears TE position has a big question mark on it with a bunch of unproven guys throughout, here is my ranking of this position.

Kellen Davis:
I have always been a somewhat fan of Davis with his height and massive potential. Many people have compared him to Saints superstar TE, Jimmy Graham. Davis does have that potential to become that player with his catching ability, route running ability, and blocking ability. Overall, Davis can become the elite TE that Bears fans want and that Jay Cutler really wants back as well.

Ranking: 9

Matt Spaeth:
Spaeth had done a great job last year with blocking. Whether it was pass protection or run protection, he had done a great job. But his receiving skills are definitely not there, he will drop a pass or two and isn’t that fast to gain many yards after the catch. But he is a big red zone target with being 6’7 and has long arms.

Ranking: 8

Evan Rodriquez:

Rodriquez has a lot of potential in him with being compared to Patriots TE, Aaron Hernandez. Rodriquez already has good receiving skills but still has to work on his blocking skills. Overall, Rodriquez can become a good TE but it will take some work and playing time.

Ranking: 8

Overall ranking: 8

Despite having nothing but unproven guys in this position, there is still a lot of potential throughout. There is a great mixture of height, blocking ability, and receiving ability. At the end of the season either this position could have a bunch of mediocre guys or a bunch of highly productive guys if they do live up to their potential.

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