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360CAM by Giroptic Review

So after years of delays does the 360cam by giroptic does it finally deliver? Let’s take a look. VIDEO Now this thing technically shoots 2k video and 4k photos, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. The footage is grainy, pixilated, and just dull. It really just doesn’t hold up to the quality... Read more »

Cosby Intervention

My friends James Dugan and Ricky Glore star in my new video, Cosby Intervention.

The Making of "Shit Chicagoans Say"

One day I was enjoying a few “Shit People Say” videos when I came across “Shit New Yorkers Say”. I loved it and thought it was hilarious even though I’m not from New York. I immediately wondered if Chicago had one so I searched for “Shit Chicagoans Say” and got zero returned results. Right then I... Read more »