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What Are My Chances?

I recently received an e-mail from a reader who was thinking about moving to Chicago and was asking for a little help understanding the comedy scene here. The fact that they even asked me for my opinion on such an important decision was extremely flattering and I took their questions to heart. What they really wanted to know was what... Read more »

Wait, You Actually Practice Improv?

Yes, it’s true, improv teams have regularly scheduled practices. The best way to explain why we do this is to answer the most common questions about our practices. “How can you practice making stuff up?” Anyone can just make something up, but it takes a lot of practice to make up good stuff. As sad... Read more »

How Improv Has Made Me A Better Person

In my previous post I mentioned the whole idea of “yes and”. It’s about learning not only saying yes to ideas, but also adding to that idea. All good improvisers follow this rule on stage and most translate this to their everyday lives. Saying no to things leaves you in the same spot you’re in,... Read more »

Is Improv Real?

As an improvisor the number one question I get asked is, “Do you guys really just make up all of that stuff on the spot?” and my answer is always, “Yes, that’s why it’s called improv.” Everything that you see is made up in front of you for better or worse. I don’t get upset... Read more »

Comedy Sportz - Duel Duel Review

Duel Duel is a two person improv competition where the audience selects a winner from each nights performance. The winners from each week meet in the finals for a winner take all show. This is the second time I’ve ever performed in an improv competition (first being Improv Gladiators) and I can honestly say I’m... Read more »

Performing in "Improv Gladiators"

Recently my improv team, Sophomore Album, competed in Improv Gladiators at Cornservatory. I’m going to be honest and say that I really wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I thought it was going to be a bunch of lame short form games with a few weird performers. It turned out to be the most... Read more »

The Second City or iO: Which improv company is best for you?

(UPDATED 8/25/2014) So you’re new to the improv community and you want to know which improv company is best for you. Both are fantastic places to learn (probably the best in the world). It really comes down to what you want out of the experience and how seriously you’re taking these classes. The Second City Atmosphere:... Read more »