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Pet Peeves

A couple friends and I wrote a bunch of animal pun black outs. Here are some of them.

Watch Dogs Almost Gets Chicago Right

I didn’t expect a one to one version of Chicago and I understand why they couldn’t get all the buildings and landmarks. But some stuff they completely missed. CREATED BY Robert Bacon SPECIAL THANKS Alan Linic Davic Schwartzbaum

Puppet Chatroulette (VIDEO)

Mike and Frank Onassis give Chatroulette a try for the first time.

Rebuttal to Jon Stewart's Chicago Rant

Like most Chicagoans I was a little annoyed by Jon Stewart’s rant against deep dish pizza and the Sears Tower. I understand that it was just a comedy bit, but the things that annoyed me the most were how off base and mean spirited his comments were. It was just simply lazy and was clearly... Read more »

Casual Friday | Ep. 22 | Cynthia


A couple weeks ago I was very privileged to work with Y&R Marketing and to make an online commercial for their new marketing campaign #myfreenight. I had a fantastic time in Vegas with a lot of great people. We probably had enough footage to make three commercials, but still really happy with the final product.

The Robbery (Sketch)

Ben Larrison and I did a quick improvised sketch in a parking garage. Hope you enjoy.

Casual Friday | Ep. 14 | What Happens When It's Dark?


Casual Friday | Ep. 13 | Podcast

Maria Wojciechowski and Jason Hodge are in this weeks completely improvised episode. ALL EPISODES

Casual Friday | Ep. 11 | Stroke

We close out “Casual Friday” week with an episode about Randel Gillette stroking out in the conference room. ALL EPISODES
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    Bacon is an iO Training Center and Second City Conservatory graduate who lives on the north side of Chicago. You can see him perform on Saturday nights at 7:30pm with the HouseCo Second City Training Center cast of "Cry Me A Pancake" in The de Maat Theater. He also performs improv with the iO Theater Harold team "Apollo" and the independent team "Sophomore Album".

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