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Puppet Chatroulette (VIDEO)

Mike and Frank Onassis give Chatroulette a try for the first time.

Rebuttal to Jon Stewart's Chicago Rant

Like most Chicagoans I was a little annoyed by Jon Stewart’s rant against deep dish pizza and the Sears Tower. I understand that it was just a comedy bit, but the things that annoyed me the most were how off base and mean spirited his comments were. It was just simply lazy and was clearly... Read more »

Casual Friday | Ep. 22 | Cynthia

Advertisement: Video Shoot

A couple weeks ago I was very privileged to work with Y&R Marketing and to make an online commercial for their new marketing campaign #myfreenight. I had a fantastic time in Vegas with a lot of great people. We probably had enough footage to make three commercials, but still really happy with the final product.

The Robbery (Sketch)

Ben Larrison and I did a quick improvised sketch in a parking garage. Hope you enjoy.

Casual Friday | Ep. 14 | What Happens When It's Dark?


Casual Friday | Ep. 13 | Podcast

Maria Wojciechowski and Jason Hodge are in this weeks completely improvised episode. ALL EPISODES

Casual Friday | Ep. 11 | Stroke

We close out “Casual Friday” week with an episode about Randel Gillette stroking out in the conference room. ALL EPISODES

Casual Friday | Ep. 10 | Invisible Eyebrows

A problem that real blondes have. ALL EPISODES

Casual Friday | Ep. 9 | The Break

Casual Friday week continues with an office break-up. ALL EPISODES