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Why Cats Play With String

For some reason my cat thinks she is a hunter. This is despite the fact that she once attempted to kill a spider for 15 minutes only to eventually lose it under the fridge. It doesn’t matter, because in her mind she is the greatest hunter the world has ever seen and she likes to show... Read more »

The Best Worst Commercial

I have a great fondness for garbage entertainment. I can enjoy a really bad film like Paul Blart 2 or The Ridiculous 6 almost as much as I enjoy something like Roma or Lady Bird. So when I saw this ad for ooVoo I was in heaven. It has everything you could want from a commercial:... Read more »

Why Dogs Roll in Dead Things

I’ve been spending a lot more time around dogs lately. I’m at the point in my life where my friends will either start having kids or just get a dog instead. So, I’ve been to a lot of random dog parks and I’ve observed quite a lot of weird dog behavior. While at a dog... Read more »

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 is Pure Genius

Back in 2009 Kevin James introduced us to the completely unoriginal, unfunny, and mean spirited character that is Paul Blart Mall Cop. The original film, despite being critically panned, went on to make over $146 million at the box office. So, naturally, they had to make a sequel. It somehow took over 6 years for them... Read more »

Kanye West's New Song is Genius

For those of you who don’t know, Kanye West released a new song this week and a lot of people are upset about it. It’s called “Lift Yourself”, but most people are calling it “Woop Diddy Scoop” or “Scoop Poop” or “Oh my god what is this”. Personally I love the song so I decided... Read more »

Every Adam Sandler Film Ranked from First to Worst

For the past 7 months I have watched an Adam Sandler movie, every week, with my friend Marie Maloney. She came up with the idea so we could do a podcast together called Adam Sandler Please Stop. At first it seemed like a super fun idea, but as the weeks past I found myself dreading... Read more »

Jewel Music Video Cartoon

Three years ago I wrote a satirical rap song about Jewel grocery stores. I wanted to make a music video for it, but I knew that Jewel wouldn’t allow me to film inside one of their stores. So I thought I would make it an animation. The only problem was I had no idea how to... Read more »

360CAM by Giroptic Review

So after years of delays does the 360cam by giroptic does it finally deliver? Let’s take a look. VIDEO Now this thing technically shoots 2k video and 4k photos, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. The footage is grainy, pixilated, and just dull. It really just doesn’t hold up to the quality... Read more »

Fart The Movie (Review)

I love watching bad movies with a group of friends because it’s so much more social than the standard movie watching experience. Sitting down with a couple drinks, making jokes, and enjoying a bad movie is one of my favorite things to do. A lot of people like to do this and that’s why podcasts... Read more »

Why Cats Show You Their Buttholes

My cat, Mayor McCheese, is always trying to show me her butthole. I made a cartoon explaining why.