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iO Theater Leaves a Void in Wrigleyville (VIDEO)

I created this video so performers and audience members can remember the old iO Theater. It was a fantastic place with so much history and charm. It will be greatly missed. Many have said that iO Theater isn’t a building, but the performers and audience members who support it. They are 100% correct, but there... Read more »

Get Your Team Shows

With the help of Avery Lee I’ve made a list of Chicago theaters that you and your team can apply. If you would like to add your show to this list or update any information you can contact me at The Bramble at Studio BE When: Mondays at 7:30pm Where: 3110 N Sheffield Ave Contact: Bughouse Theater... Read more »

Everyone Hoops: A Sketch Show

Back in the summer I was lucky enough to be able to put up a sports themed sketch show at Studio BE with Collin Dahlgren and David Schwartzbaum. I’m super excited to announce that we get to do it again, but at The de Maat Theater at Second City. The poster and press release below has... Read more »

Review: iO Chicago Improv Program

If you’ve browsed the iO Theater website looking for a show to see you might have noticed that most of the shows are improvised. So it should come to no surprise that their main program is strictly improv based. You’re not learning improv to eventually write down and turn into a sketch. You’re learning the tools you’ll... Read more »

Where Do I Drink After an Improv Show?

After performing improvisors are usually in the mood for a beer or twenty. Each theater seems to have a bar that most of the performers go to after the show. Below is a list of bars that are typically linked to a theater and a quick run down of each of them. All the info... Read more »

Show: 3-Bits Improv

My independent team, Sophomore Album, has a run of shows coming up in April. I decided to mash up some show footage and set it to this awesome Duck Tales Moon Level Remix. Show Poster

Comedy Sportz - Duel Duel Review

Duel Duel is a two person improv competition where the audience selects a winner from each nights performance. The winners from each week meet in the finals for a winner take all show. This is the second time I’ve ever performed in an improv competition (first being Improv Gladiators) and I can honestly say I’m... Read more »

Performing in "Improv Gladiators"

Recently my improv team, Sophomore Album, competed in Improv Gladiators at Cornservatory. I’m going to be honest and say that I really wasn’t looking forward to it at all. I thought it was going to be a bunch of lame short form games with a few weird performers. It turned out to be the most... Read more »