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Los Angeles Super Mario Map

I was born in Fountain Valley California and I spent a great deal of my childhood in Los Angeles, but never once took the Metro. This might have been the reason for my hesitancy to make a Los Angeles Super Mario map. Everyone just seems so obsessed with their own cars to worry about public... Read more »

Bay Area Super Mario World Map

I’ve been wanting to do the San Francisco/Oakland area for these maps for awhile now. I really loved how the coast turned out and it was fun thinking of the proper way to represent the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. I really wanted to put the sunken ship around Ocean Beach where the King Philip famously... Read more »

Tokyo Super Mario World Subway Map

After finishing the New York and Chicago maps I really wanted to go even bigger. That led me to my largest pixel map ever, Tokyo. The Tokyo subways system very large and complex. So much so there are actually two main networks. I had to stick with the most simplistic layout I could find that... Read more »

New York City "Super Mario 3" Subway Map

Just like with my Chicago maps I had to make more than one New York City map. This one is in the style of Super Mario Bros 3.

New York City Super Mario Subway Map

The New York City Subway system has over 840 miles of track and over 450 stations. Making a 16-bit pixel by pixel recreation was easily my biggest challenge yet. After months of work I have finally finished it and you can check it out in the video. You can order a large, high quality print... Read more »

Pixel Art: Pac-Man Chicago Neighborhoods

I really liked the idea of a Pac-Man style neighborhood poster because it finally allowed me to make a super clean and simple design. You can click the image below for a large image that you can print on a standard sheet of paper or you can click THIS LINK to order a poster. If... Read more »

Pixel Art: Donkey Kong Neighborhood Map

Making a neighborhood map is a little more difficult because there are over 200 Chicago neighborhoods that sit within 77 community areas. Some of these individual “neighborhoods” better define an area and others are better defined by the “community area” that they reside in. Sometimes even if an area is better defined by it’s smaller... Read more »

Pixel Art: Chicago "L" Zelda Style Map

Monday mornings aren’t the friendliest on a crowded brown line train to the loop. Everyone thinking about the week of work ahead of them and all the bad decisions they made over the weekend. So when I got on the brown line last Monday I was very surprised to be greeted with a friendly, “Hey, you’re... Read more »

Pixel Art: Super Mario World (L) Map

Super Mario World was the first map I wanted to make for the Chicago CTA, but once I started designing it I realized that it was going to be a ton of work so I decided to stick to the more classic Mario 3 map design first. Well now that I know I’m not the only one... Read more »

Pixel Art: Super Mario Bros 3 (L) Map

My independent team has a run of shows coming up and we decided to advertise them with an 8-bit theme. I was looking up some other 8-bit style posters for inspiration and came across a Super Mario Bros 3 style Washington DC Metro Map by Dave Delisle. I loved it so much that I did a search to see if Chicago had... Read more »