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Oregon Trail Custom Poster

I’ve decided to take a break from making Super Mario World Maps for cities and go a little bit further back in time for my next design. Oregon Trail was apart of so many people’s childhood. The main goal was supposed to be getting to Oregon, but most people I knew chose to hunt the forests... Read more »

London Super Mario Map

London is one of the most complex maps that I’ve created and only the second map that I’ve completed for a city outside the United States. It is also the very first map with individual pixel landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye. I had to limit the amount of landmarks because of how... Read more »

Portland Super Mario Map

Typically when I do my research I’ll find one map style that is widely used by people in the city. With Portland I found a few and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one so I decided to just make two of them and give you the option of whatever one you like best.... Read more »

Jay Cutler Don't Care

Jay Cutler is a very polarizing figure in Chicago Sports. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about the strong armed quarterback. Love him or hate him he’s Chicago’s all time leading passer and his hair is magnificent. I just finished this poster so you can now display your love (or hate) of #6 on... Read more »

Super Mario Philadelphia Map

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to making a map for Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s mass transit is called SEPTA and it’s short for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. It’s a collection of a bunch of different rail types that span over a huge area that makes it the 5th largest system in the US.... Read more »

Wisconsin Super Mario Map

Wisconsin is the first state map that I have created. The cities that I choose to map were based on population, colleges, tourism, and location. All the interstate highways are color coded and the key is located right next to some Wisconsin facts. Wisconsin’s has this really interesting shape that was really fun to recreate... Read more »

Super Mario & Zelda Chicago Maps (UPDATED)

I have some awesome news to announce. Thanks to the support of everyone who has purchased a poster I was able to start my own small business and I am now the owner of Mario Maps LLC. I’m printing and selling all my artwork myself now. So if you want to buy a poster all that... Read more »

Super Mario Atlanta Map

Georgia peach meets Princess Peach in my newest Super Mario World map. Atlanta’s mass transit probably has the coolest old school logo of any system I’ve done. Their trains even have an awesome design that reminds me of the old Houston Astros uniforms. You can print your own small version for free with a link below.... Read more »

Super Mario New York City Subway Map (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The subway 7 extension has been added to the map (the update isn’t in the video) and the free poster print size is now larger at 11″ x 17″ so if you have a large printer you can make some stocking stuffers. Large prints start at just $25. The New York City Subway system... Read more »

Washington D.C. Super Mario Map

Washington D.C. was actually the city to start all of these pixel maps. I saw a Super Mario 3 version of the map and instantly wanted to have a Super Mario World version for Chicago. Well a couple years later and I finally got around to D.C. It’s the second busiest rapid transit system and... Read more »