Adam Sandler Please Stop

Adam Sandler Please Stop

Over a year ago I started a podcast called "Adam Sandler Please Stop" with my friend Marie Maloney. It's a podcast where we watch every Adam Sandler movie in order of theatrical release and rank them as we go.

Marie and I both started out as pretty big Sandler fans. We thought, sure, he's had a lot of recent flops and some pretty bad movies, but there isn't that many and they're not that bad. Slowly over the course of watching all his films our opinions of Adam changed. We quickly realized that Sandler hasn't made that many good movies and the good movies that he has made are typically ones that he didn't have a ton of involvement in besides acting in them. The more power Sandler got the worse his movies became and they're not just bad, but insultingly bad.

Along the way we also got the idea to cover Kevin James and Rob Schneider films because their success is directly tied to Adam Sandler. You can find the podcast on iTunes, iHeartRadio, Stitcher, and basically anywhere else you can listen to podcasts. Below is episode 2 of the podcast from when we still loved Adam.

Listen to "02 - Billy Madison" on Spreaker.

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