Every Adam Sandler Film Ranked from First to Worst

For the past 7 months I have watched an Adam Sandler movie, every week, with my friend Marie Maloney. She came up with the idea so we could do a podcast together called Adam Sandler Please Stop. At first it seemed like a super fun idea, but as the weeks past I found myself dreading having to watch another Sandler film. The good films are just too few and far between. So to save you the time of watching all his films I have created a full list of Adam’s films and ranked them first to worst. You can watch a short review of each film with clips in the video below or I've listed short reviews with my rankings if that's what you're into.

Making a complete list of all Adam Sandler films is obviously nothing new, but I noticed something when looking at other lists. None of them actually watched all the films from start to finish and a lot of them depended on nostalgia for his earlier films. This list was created week by week while watching his movies in order of theatrical release. That doesn't mean that it's better than other lists because this is all super subjective, but I do think watching them all together in a short period of time does help when ranking.

Side note: Airheads is not on this list. We watched that film and while we enjoyed it we concluded that it is in no way an Adam Sandler film.

UPDATE: "The Week Of" has been added to the list.
LIST ON IMDB - https://www.imdb.com/list/ls026092168/

1. Punch Drunk Love

I would have never guessed how difficult it would be to pick a number one film. I could easily flip this with the number two film in the future, but I'm a big Paul Thomas Anderson fan so this gets the win. This film isn't for everyone due to its "arthouse vibe", but I really enjoyed it and felt it was Sandler's best work as a performer.

2. The Meyerowitz Stories

The dialogue is expertly crafted in this film and every character interaction becomes more and more enjoyable as the story unfolds. A great view of the family dicodoby and how we're more like our parents than we like to admit. It's on Netflix, just go watch it.

3. The Wedding Singer

This was one of the biggest surprises while watching his films. I remembered it being good, but really nothing special. I was wrong. It's the perfect romantic comedy. I know that doesn't say much, especially if you're not a fan of the genre, but it has so much heart and great jokes that you don't care. It's extremely enjoyable and it's something that Adam Sandler would spend several other films trying to replicate.

4. Billy Madison

Billy Madison over Happy Gilmore? Are you insane?! You probably just yelled at your computer. Yes, they are extremely close in the rankings, but Billy Madison is able to sustain more laughs and takes more risks than Happy Gilmore. Surprisingly it still holds up really well.

5. Happy Gilmore

So good! It's strange that shows its age more than Billy Madison, but that is just a small problem with a movie that has Adam Sandler at his best with a fantastic cast.

6. Men, Women & Children

What? You've never heard of this film? That's probably because it was pulled from theaters due to horrific ticket sales. It's not a fantastic movie and I wouldn't say it's a film that you HAVE to see, but I honestly doubt you have to see any of Sandler's films. This one is extremely uneven so the fact that this sits at number 6 on the list should tell you a lot about Sander's work.

7. Spanglish

This film rewards you for having sticking through the first half with fantastic performances and dialogue in the second half of the film. The narration is one of the most obnoxious parts of the film because not only is it extremely unnecessary, but lazily written. It feels like James L. Brooks wrote two great scenes and then just tried to build a movie around those two scenes with no character development. Also it suffers heavily from Brooks's style of filmmaking and feels more like a soap opera than a film most of the time. All that said, Adam Sandler is amazing in this film and gives a great performance.

8. Mr. Deeds

This thing surprised both of us. It's something we both saw when it came out, but didn't remember liking this much. It's extremely corny and stupid, but it has enough charm to pull it off. John Turturro gives a hysterical performance as Sandler's butler and is the best part of the film.

9. 50 First Dates

Way lower on the list than I originally expected. It just doesn't come close to capturing the same magic that The Wedding Singer had mostly because the script is awful and Rob Schneider is samoan for some reason. Why? How is that okay? Well, I hope that doesn't make you too upset because Schneider gets way worse as this goes on.

10. Funny People

This is three different movies squished into one. It doesn't know what it wants to be. Also if you're going to write a movie about people in stand up comedy, then maybe you should write some good jokes. It's just 2 hours of weiner jokes. All this bad stuff and we're still in the top 10?

11. Reign Over Me

A complete one note film because it's just one idea stretched thin. Nothing really happens. The courtroom scene is by far one of the worst courtroom scenes in film.

12. Big Daddy

I used to love Big Daddy. At the time I thought it was so cute and funny, but then I saw it again. Oh boy what a mess. The timeline doesn't match up. The jokes are few and far between. It's not a good film. Oh and it has another awful courtroom scene.

13. The Waterboy

The Waterboy is high on a lot of lists and I have a feeling it's for nostalgia alone. When this came out I loved it, but just like Big Daddy watching it again made me realize how how it's really more a product of its time. This film has not aged well as a whole, but it does still have some funny parts.

14. You Don't Mess With The Zohan

Much higher on this list than I expected it to be. At first it's such a farce and it's having so much fun that I honestly thought it was going to crack my top 10, but as soon as Zohan gets to America things take a turn. It gets extremely bogged down by a stupid plot and by the same gags that get less and less funny as the film goes on.

15. Hotel Transylvania

Unless this is the first movie you ever show your child then they won't be entertained.

16. Ridiculous 6

The film with the worst Rotten Tomatoes score on this list (0%). I mean I get why it has a 0% on RT. No one should give it a good review, but it's so stupid and so offensive that it's a film that you can watch while drinking with a group of friends.

17. Pixels

I can suspend my disbelief enough to go alone with the earth being invaded by aliens who have taken the shape of retro video games and Adam Sandler is the only thing that can save it. But as soon as you say Kevin James is president you've lost me.

18. Blended

Wedding Singer and 50 First Dates made a bunch of money so let's just throw Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler together again and just wait for the cash to roll in. It's an Adam Sandler vacation film, but for some reason they go all the way to Africa just to stay at the hotel the entire time. Hope you like B-roll of elephants and lions because they're plenty of that.

19. Bedtime Stories

Some idiot at Disney thought it would be a good idea to team up with Happy Madison. I hope that person was fired. I mean it's kinda like reading a book to kids, because you'll have to use your own imagination to fill in the plot and special effects of this awful movie.

20. The Week Of

Chris Rock and Adam Sandler go through the motions in this straight t0 Netflix film. There are so many poorly written characters that Rock and Sandler don't share a lot of screen time together. For a movie that supposed to be about a wedding we also don't see a lot of the bride or groom, but instead the focus is mostly on double amputee jokes about a character, Uncle Seymour. Bad writing, acting, and story telling... basically par for the course for a Happy Madison production.

21. Sandy Wexler

Okay I see why the studio's are always putting Barrymore and Sandler together. He has zero on screen romantic chemistry with literally every other woman in the world. The worst is probably Jennifer Hudson who does a great job in the film, but there is no universe where her character and the one Adam wrote would ever be romantically involved. The jokes are tired and the voice, oh my god, he sounds like the dog from Little Nicky.

22. Cobbler

PLOT: "A cobbler, bored of his everyday life, stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to become other people and see the world in a different way." So you have this really fun concept. What do you do with it? Some sort of action/crime drama with no action, some crime, and zero drama. It's a slog.

23. Anger Management

Another film I saw in the theaters when I was younger and remember liking. This movie made me realize how awful my movie tastes were in the day. The whole thing is a huge elaborate plan that makes zero sense to try and get Adam Sandler's character to stick up for himself more.

24. Bulletproof

There is a scene where Adam Sandler shoots Damon Wayans directly in the forehead at close range. Damon Wayans survives this. Why?

25. Going Overboard

Look this thing is really bad, but watching baby Adam Sandler and his friends try to make up a movie as they go along with zero budget is kind of endearing. They brought the wrong lenses for filming so tons of shots are uncomfortable to watch, but that's part of the charm. This is a great movie to have on in the background of a party just so people can see how ridiculous it looks and how young Adam Sandler is.

26. Hotel Transylvania 2

The animated version of an old man yelling at kids about the good ol' days.

27. The Longest Yard

Who wanted a remake of the original Longest Yard and then out of those 10 people who wanted an Adam Sandler version? It's clearly just a 2005 cash grab with whole scenes that are in the movie just so they can play a song to sell more soundtracks. Also remember movie soundtracks?

28. Click

Remember that super fun concept from the Cobbler? Well this is an even more enjoyable concept that is completely squandered. It's just a "It's A Wonderful Life" ripoff.

29. Just Go With It

So in a lot of these films Adam Sandler is portrayed as extremely handsome or some sort of sex god. Well in this film Adam strokes his ego to the max. He uses Jennifer Aniston, one of the most attractive women alive, to get to a supermodel. A supermodel that can't act.

30. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry

What if I told you the most offensive part of this film wasn't two straight guys acting out extremely tired homosexual stereotypes, but Rob Schneider doing his best Andy Rooney from Breakfast at Tiffany's? There is so much wrong with this film, but the biggest problem is it's not funny.

31. Little Nicky

And this is where things go from really bad to the worst in cinema. I am well aware of how many people love Little Nicky because they watched it when they were 7 years old and thought it was hilarious. Well guess what? 7 year old you is an idiot, has bad taste in films, and sucked at pogs.

32. 8 Crazy Nights

It was a crime to force such amazing, talented people animate this pile of garbage. It just makes me so sad to think that someone with so much talent had to spend their time making this thing and not working on literally any other story. The script is something that could have been written in a day with no enjoyable characters and no story arch. Oh and half the characters in the film are voiced by Adam Sandler and they make you want to push a bullet through your brain.

33. Grown Ups 2

The Godfather II, Terminator 2, The Empire Strikes Back, and The Dark Knight: Grown Ups 2 joins the list of sequels that are better than the original. It wasn't difficult considering how the first Grown Ups barely qualifies as a movie, but Grown Ups 2 is ever so slightly better. It's better in a way like a punch in the face is better than a kick to the face.

34. Grown Ups

This is the movie that made me lose all respect for Adam Sandler. Adam decided that he was going to make a movie with a bunch of his friends, he wasn't going have a solid script, and he wasn't going to go to wardrobe or makeup. Just wonder on set at like 11am do some improv with actors who aren't trained in improv and call it a day. The movies below are worse, but this film is the ultimate "HAHAHA SCREW YOU" to his fans. Play $15 to watch me meander around a set for 80 minutes.

35. Jack and Jill

What some people consider the worst film of all time. Adam, you know you have enough money to pay for your own cruise right? You don't need to have it written into the script just so you and your family can get a free cruise. It serves nothing to the plot of the film and is actually a major hindrance because they have to invent a way to get Jill off the ship and with Robert Deniro. Oh and when you run out of any kind of jokes just throw in cameos. Those always work out awesome. Who could forget when Jared Fogel shows up not once, but twice.

36. The Do-Over

I'm pretty sure this movie was written by that uncle that everyone has that sends them conspiracy theories in e-mail forwards that are easily debunked by a google search.

37. That's My Boy

As you can see there are a lot of really bad films in the Adam Sandler library. So it takes a lot to be the worst of the worst. A film that glorifies statutory rape is one of them. I honestly felt weird and a little sick for days after watching this thing. The Do-Over and Grown Ups are bad, but they pass over you. You forget about them almost immediately after watching them. This film sticks with you like an awful song you can't stop singing. Don't watch this film. FULL REVIEW

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