New York City Super Mario Subway Map

The New York City Subway system has over 840 miles of track and over 450 stations. Making a 16-bit pixel by pixel recreation was easily my biggest challenge yet. After months of work I have finally finished it and you can check it out in the video. You can order a large, high quality print below and get it in time for Christmas.

1order2Free Print


Due to the amount of detail and size of the map the free print (8.5 x 11) really can't be used as a map.

Filed under: Pixel Art

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    Bacon is an iO Training Center and Second City Conservatory graduate who lives on the north side of Chicago. You can see him perform on Saturday nights at 7:30pm with the HouseCo Second City Training Center cast of "Cry Me A Pancake" in The de Maat Theater. He also performs improv with the iO Theater Harold team "Apollo" and the independent team "Sophomore Album".

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