Pixel Art: Donkey Kong Neighborhood Map

Making a neighborhood map is a little more difficult because there are over 200 Chicago neighborhoods that sit within 77 community areas. Some of these individual "neighborhoods" better define an area and others are better defined by the "community area" that they reside in.

Sometimes even if an area is better defined by it's smaller "neighborhood" it's too small to fit on a poster map. A good example of this would be the community area of Lakeview. Neighborhoods like Wrigleyville and Boystown both reside in Lakeview and have elements that make them different from the rest of the city, but they also share many atributes of Lakeview. So it makes it difficult to map with limited space. Hell, even the spelling of Lakeview (sometimes Lake View) is changed, so it's basically impossible to make a detailed map that fits everyones expectations.

In the end I decided to look at the most popular neighborhood maps of Chicago. I took the most commonly recurring boarders and made some slight changes to fit the Donkey Kong pixel art style. I hope you guys like it.

Donkey Kong Chicago Neighborhoods

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