Comedy Sportz - Duel Duel Review


Duel Duel is a two person improv competition where the audience selects a winner from each nights performance. The winners from each week meet in the finals for a winner take all show.

This is the second time I've ever performed in an improv competition (first being Improv Gladiators) and I can honestly say I'm really starting to enjoy doing these. It's a great way to meet new performers and push yourself to try new things. The competition aspect of the show makes the performers give their all and the audience benefits from it.

The space at Comedy Sportz is much larger than I originally expected. It's a long two tier seating system for the audience with plenty of spaces between the tables. As a performer this means that you really have to project and watch your stage picture because anyone sitting hard left or right of the stage will have difficulties following the show. The stage itself is actually pretty small, but that's not really an issue when it comes to two person improv.

Each two person team gets 10 minutes to perform whatever style of improv they want and after all five teams have performed the audience gets to vote for their favorite two. The winning team our night was a super high energy, rapping, wrestling mask wearing team called Diva. My team, Book Club*, came in second by just two votes, but just being apart of the performance was good enough for me.

Overall I was impressed with the whole experience and will definitely go back to perform or see a show.

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*Book Club consists of Robert Bacon and Ryan Driscoll

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