Halloween Commercial

I got to do this KFC commercial for Halloween. I had to be in monster makeup all day, but it was still a ton of fun. Check it out.

iO Theater Leaves a Void in Wrigleyville (VIDEO)

I created this video so performers and audience members can remember the old iO Theater. It was a fantastic place with so much history and charm. It will be greatly missed. Many have said that iO Theater isn’t a building, but the performers and audience members who support it. They are 100% correct, but there... Read more »

The Art of A Show Poster

Typically when it comes time to advertise your show someone in the cast has to make the poster or you enlist the help of a friend. Most of the time the cast doesn’t take this too seriously, because honestly who goes to a show because they have a cool poster? Personally I love making posters, but... Read more »

Pet Peeves

A couple friends and I wrote a bunch of animal pun black outs. Here are some of them.

Watch Dogs Almost Gets Chicago Right

I didn’t expect a one to one version of Chicago and I understand why they couldn’t get all the buildings and landmarks. But some stuff they completely missed. CREATED BY Robert Bacon https://twitter.com/tastethebacon SPECIAL THANKS Alan Linic Davic Schwartzbaum

Improv Thank You Notes

We’re all super busy and don’t really have the time to post thank you notes to facebook anymore, but we want our friends to know what’s going on in our lives. Well worry no more! I’ve worked tirelessly researching the best improv facebook posts and tweets so you can just copy and paste knowing that... Read more »

Casual Friday: The Protest

Casual Friday is a completely improvised web-series with a rotating cast. New episodes come out every Friday. Check out more episodes HERE

Get Your Team Shows

With the help of Avery Lee I’ve made a list of Chicago theaters that you and your team can apply. If you would like to add your show to this list or update any information you can contact me at uwobacon@gmail.com. The Bramble at Studio BE When: Mondays at 7:30pm Where: 3110 N Sheffield Ave Contact: dw@brambleproductions.com Bughouse Theater... Read more »

My Year on the Second City House Ensemble

The Second City Training Center House Ensemble, often called HouseCO, is an extension of the training program at Second City. Second City makes it abundantly clear that you do not work for them yet and this is still part of their training program. This doesn’t mean that they don’t take it seriously. The program is difficult to... Read more »

GIFprov: Now?

When one of your friends comes to a show The first day of a level 1 class When you’re in a scene too long and no one edits it When the suggestion is some highfalutin word that I don’t know What auditors are thinking during auditions When someone says something that makes the audience gasp When you’re... Read more »
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    Bacon is an iO Training Center and Second City Conservatory graduate who lives on the north side of Chicago. You can see him perform on Saturday nights at 7:30pm with the HouseCo Second City Training Center cast of "Cry Me A Pancake" in The de Maat Theater. He also performs improv with the iO Theater Harold team "Apollo" and the independent team "Sophomore Album".

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