Improv Podcast

I wanted to wait a until after a few episodes before I announced my new podcast. I was worried that I wouldn’t enjoy making podcasts and I would grow tired of it, but I think it’s safe to say that I’m even more excited about making this new podcast then I’ve ever been about silly... Read more »

Getting Notes

The first improv team I was ever on was an independent team called Sophomore Album. A bunch of talented idiots rehearsing once a week at Theater Momentum and doing random shows and festivals together. It was just a stupid fun team with great people, but it was also a fantastic learning experience. After about a year... Read more »

Improv Audit

In the spirit of tax season I decided to put on that silly green visor, pull out an old calculator, and give myself an improv audit. I went through my calendar and counted up all my improv related things and this is what I found. The whole process felt very narcissistic and I debated even posting... Read more »

The State of Chicago (Sketch Show)

I’m currently doing a show at iO Chicago called “State of Chicago”. It’s a humourous look at Chicago history, from Fort Dearborn to some weirdo tight rope walking over the Chicago river. It’s a sketch show with song, dance, puppets, and maybe some facts. WHEN: Tuesday nights in February at 10pm WHERE: iO Theater –... Read more »

Los Angeles Super Mario Map

I was born in Fountain Valley California and I spent a great deal of my childhood in Los Angeles, but never once took the Metro. This might have been the reason for my hesitancy to make a Los Angeles Super Mario map. Everyone just seems so obsessed with their own cars to worry about public... Read more » Commercial


Bay Area Super Mario World Map

I’ve been wanting to do the San Francisco/Oakland area for these maps for awhile now. I really loved how the coast turned out and it was fun thinking of the proper way to represent the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz. I really wanted to put the sunken ship around Ocean Beach where the King Philip famously... Read more »

Tokyo Super Mario World Subway Map

After finishing the New York and Chicago maps I really wanted to go even bigger. That led me to my largest pixel map ever, Tokyo. The Tokyo subways system very large and complex. So much so there are actually two main networks. I had to stick with the most simplistic layout I could find that... Read more »

Halloween Commercial

I got to do this KFC commercial for Halloween. I had to be in monster makeup all day, but it was still a ton of fun. Check it out.

iO Theater Leaves a Void in Wrigleyville (VIDEO)

I created this video so performers and audience members can remember the old iO Theater. It was a fantastic place with so much history and charm. It will be greatly missed. Many have said that iO Theater isn’t a building, but the performers and audience members who support it. They are 100% correct, but there... Read more »