California Super Mario World Map

I still have a couple more cities to finish before I completely move onto states, but California was such a highly requested map that I thought I would get it done. This map is the entire state of California in the style of Super Mario World with the primary and auxiliary interstates. California also has... Read more »

Jewel Music Video Cartoon

Three years ago I wrote a satirical rap song about Jewel grocery stores. I wanted to make a music video for it, but I knew that Jewel wouldn’t allow me to film inside one of their stores. So I thought I would make it an animation. The only problem was I had no idea how to... Read more »

Oregon Trail Custom Poster

I’ve decided to take a break from making Super Mario World Maps for cities and go a little bit further back in time for my next design. Oregon Trail was apart of so many people’s childhood. The main goal was supposed to be getting to Oregon, but most people I knew chose to hunt the forests... Read more »

London Super Mario Map

London is one of the most complex maps that I’ve created and only the second map that I’ve completed for a city outside the United States. It is also the very first map with individual pixel landmarks like Big Ben and the London Eye. I had to limit the amount of landmarks because of how... Read more »

360CAM by Giroptic Review

So after years of delays does the 360cam by giroptic does it finally deliver? Let’s take a look. VIDEO Now this thing technically shoots 2k video and 4k photos, but you wouldn’t guess that by looking at it. The footage is grainy, pixilated, and just dull. It really just doesn’t hold up to the quality... Read more »

Portland Super Mario Map

Typically when I do my research I’ll find one map style that is widely used by people in the city. With Portland I found a few and I couldn’t narrow it down to just one so I decided to just make two of them and give you the option of whatever one you like best.... Read more »

Jay Cutler Don't Care

Jay Cutler is a very polarizing figure in Chicago Sports. Everyone seems to have a strong opinion about the strong armed quarterback. Love him or hate him he’s Chicago’s all time leading passer and his hair is magnificent. I just finished this poster so you can now display your love (or hate) of #6 on... Read more »

Fart The Movie (Review)

I love watching bad movies with a group of friends because it’s so much more social than the standard movie watching experience. Sitting down with a couple drinks, making jokes, and enjoying a bad movie is one of my favorite things to do. A lot of people like to do this and that’s why podcasts... Read more »

Super Mario Philadelphia Map

It took me awhile, but I finally got around to making a map for Philadelphia. Philadelphia’s mass transit is called SEPTA and it’s short for Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority. It’s a collection of a bunch of different rail types that span over a huge area that makes it the 5th largest system in the US.... Read more »

Why Cats Show You Their Buttholes

My cat, Mayor McCheese, is always trying to show me her butthole. I made a cartoon explaining why.