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Presidential Debate: Ten Foreign Policy Questions

Who knew the final presidential candidate debate, held just 15 days before the election, would have so much riding on it? Focusing on foreign policy, Monday’s debate may not swing many voters, but with polls showing President Obama and challenger Mitt Romney running neck and neck every undecided voter is a prize beyond measure. We... Read more »

Debate Aftermath: Trashing Katherine Fenton

At the debate last night, a young woman asked the presidential candidates a question about work equality, noting that women make less than men. Now, this isn’t news, and hasn’t been for a long time. For decades women have been challenging inequalities in the workplace, with slow and erratic success. The candidates answered her question... Read more »
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    Writer, reporter, researcher, hockey mom. I'm an inveterate reader, relentlessly curious, and rarely without an opinion. I want to know the rest of the story and then I have to write it down. So I do.

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