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Family calendars chronicle our lives

Family calendars chronicle our lives
I have a calendar on my kitchen wall that tells the story of my life better than any journal ever could. It is one of those Month-At-A-Glance paper behemoths, the kind you used to see on desk tops in offices, used for a blotter as much as a calendar. Just like the rolodex, it’s been... Read more »

School shooting in Connecticut: Children killed. Again.

This morning, a young man walked into an elementary school in Newton, Connecticut and opened fire. As I write this little is known about the victims, except that 20 of them were children. Young children. News coverage by the networks and social media went hand-in-hand with commentary about gun control. Some pundits said it wasn’t... Read more »
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    Lucy Lloyd

    Writer, reporter, researcher, hockey mom. I'm an inveterate reader, relentlessly curious, and rarely without an opinion. I want to know the rest of the story and then I have to write it down. So I do.

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