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Because it's the Cup: 10 quotes to get you past the Blackhawks' loss

Yes, the Blackhawks lost last night. Yes, they also lost game 2. Yes, the Bruins are leading the series 2-1. Based on what I read on social media last night during and after the game, some of you are ready to give up. Some of you (you know who you are) seem ready to hand... Read more »

7 tips for keeping your sports kid safe

Watching the Stanley Cup Finals on Wednesday night and seeing all the hits and trips and a player (Nathan Horton) heading off to the locker room due to an injury, I was reminded of when my second son wanted to play hockey and I had (quiet, restrained, internal) hysterics about his cute cherub face getting... Read more »

Medical marijuana bill passes Illinois Senate, Women thrown under bus during debate

The Illinois Senate voted today to pass a bill allowing the sale of medical marijuana. Already passed by the House, it now heads to Governor Quinn for signing. I’m in favor of of this bill. It sets tight controls but allows for a drug that has been proven to help many chronic and terminally ill... Read more »

Hockey is back. (It never left.)

Because the owners and players of the NHL could not agree on a new union contract before the start of the regular season last fall, hockey owners “locked out” the players and put the season on indefinite hold. For 113 days, the two sides bickered and squabbled and fans of NHL teams sat on the... Read more »

Worst People of 2012: A Top Ten List

In 2012, I tried to practice a more forgiving and peaceable existence than in years past. I tried to be understanding. Turned the other cheek. Let things roll off my back.Took deep breaths. Offered it up. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Surviving a presidential election season without screaming at every idiot person who tried to rationalize why... Read more »

Bad Hockey Parents: The Game From Hell

This past weekend, I had the unpleasant experience of suffering through the most egregious, despicable display of spectator behavior I have ever witnessed as a hockey parent. And, as the mother of two hockey players who has been to hundreds (a thousand?) youth hockey games, that is not an insignificant pronouncement. We’ve all heard the... Read more »

Blame the Refs for Hossa hit? You betcha.

The first time I was in the emergency room with one of my children, I was a wreck. I could hear my infant son screaming through the double doors and I couldn’t remember anything the hospital registration clerk wanted to know. Finally, she reached across the counter and put her hands over my shaking hands... Read more »

Cubs Managers: Where are they now?

Pensacola, Florida has a new double-A baseball team, the Blue Wahoos. The new manager is a well-known figure in Major League Baseball coaching circles….and to Cubs fans. Jim Riggleman. Yes, the former Cubs manager is managing a double-A team in the middle of nowhere deep South, which is (trust me on this) a long, long... Read more »
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