Romney Campaign Shenanigans: I'm Mad As Hell (And you should be, too.)

Romney Campaign Shenanigans: I'm Mad As Hell (And you should be, too.)
Campaign sign in Downers Grove

At 7:40am this morning, this sign was in front of the Walgreens on the corner of 63rd Street and Belmont Avenue in Downers Grove.

I am no stranger to tough campaigns. I've run one, I've consulted on others. I consider myself to be idealistic, but not naive.

But this sign...this threw me. It's appalling. Disgusting. Insert your preferred adjective.

It's safe to assume no Democrat conceived of, paid for and placed this sign. Who, then?

A Romney supporter.

Did the Romney campaign authorize this sign? Did the Republican party leaders in DuPage or Downers Grove Township pay for this sign? Did a PAC and, if so, which one?

We've all heard the pundits on both sides casting aspersions on the opposing candidate. It's part and parcel of the game of politics.

But this? This goes beyond the usual rhetoric. It's nasty. How is the world could someone justify paying for a sign like this? And what does it tell our children about campaigns?

Apparently, the ends justifies the means...if you're a Republican in DuPage County, that is.

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  • Wow! That is all I have to say!

  • That sign is tame compared to what some of my Obama-hating friends have posted on Facebook. One (who also posted something with the same text as the sign you saw) called Obama a "douchebag", Michelle "classless" and a Muslim holiday "retarded".

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    I've seen some classless postings on FB, but words are free. Someone wrote a check for this, and then drove around placing sign(s). That's a real committment to this kind of obscenity.

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