I Vote.

I Vote.

I wrote this two years ago. Still feel just as excited for this election as I did my first.

Every other year, the days leading up to the first Tuesday in November are filled almost exclusively with election politics. From television pundits to internet hysteria to robocalls galore, we can't get away from the craziness that defines election season.

And then, in the midst of this frenetic, opinionated, overwhelming overload of politics and candidates and sidestepping fanatics, there comes in the mail a notice from the election commission, telling me that I'm a registered voter, and giving me my polling location.

It's a beacon of sanity in the midst of all the political overload. It makes me happy when I see it, and I always pluck it out right away (the bills can wait) and stick it on the fridge with a couple of colorful magnets. It's a reminder that no matter how crazy things get, one thing stays constant: my right to vote.

I registered to vote on my eighteenth birthday. It wasn't an election year (I had missed that by one) but it didn't matter to me. I came home and proudly announced I had registered to vote and later there was birthday cake- what more could you want?

I've voted in every election since then except one, including the year I moved from Florida to Illinois (twenty years ago today!) and had to vote absentee ballot in Florida for the federal offices only. Through a couple of name changes and many, many different residences, I've notified election boards and commissions of those changes and waited patiently and happily for that notice to come in the mail.

I hope you registered to vote. If you didn't, by all means make sure you're registered before the next election. If you are registered to vote, I hope you will take the time to exercise your constitutional right- one that Americans have died for- and go to the polls today.

Have your say. Tell us what for. Take a stand.


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