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Week One of the War on Laziness

On Day two of my challenge and I was panicking. What will I write about every day for 30 days? Thirty days from now two very big milestones will have passed in  my daughter’s life – Senior Prom and High School Graduation. She’s my only child. That’s gotta be two good blog posts, right? The... Read more »

War on Laziness Day 3: Work hard, play hard

Day three – Today instead of sitting right down in front of the boob tube I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and sorted my files so that I now have a big stack to shred. Then I took the dog for a walk and now I’m writing. All in an hour. A very productive hour.... Read more »

The Couch is Killing Me - My 30 Day War on Laziness. Join me!

One month from today – May 26 – what will you wish you had started 30 days ago? Every day goes this way – I get up, I go to my desk job.  I come home, my fiance and I make dinner and clean up. We hit the couch to watch the evening news then... Read more »