I'm a 50-something gal from the burbs. I'm a mom, a marketing professional, a communicator and a kid at heart. I love how there are so many ways now to share ideas, like blogs. In this blog I'll chat about life and my favorite things, mostly found in the Suburbs of Chicago.

I grew up in Schaumburg, raised a kid in Saint Charles and I've worked in Naperville and Hoffman Estates over the past 25 years. And aside from a short 7-year period when I lived in Madison, Wisconsin (another wonderful place to live), and my college years, most of my life has been here.

I know it may be hard for some die-hard city dwellers to believe that living in the burbs is NOT a fate worse than death. It's really a great place to grow up and to live. Here you'll find things to love about the suburbs.

Having said that, I also enjoy the city and trips to the country too. I'm fortunate enough to be able to travel and explore new places with my honey. So besides the Burbs, my other passions include sharing tips and information and pass along ideas that might enhance life for others.

Thanks for reading!