Week One of the War on Laziness

On Day two of my challenge and I was panicking. What will I write about every day for 30 days? Thirty days from now two very big milestones will have passed in  my daughter's life - Senior Prom and High School Graduation. She's my only child. That's gotta be two good blog posts, right?

The more I thought about this challenge the more I decided to revise the rules. There are several goals - 1) to reduce the number of hours I sit each day 2) to reduce how much TV I watch and 3) to stop putting off things I've been wanting to do, like focus on writing among other things.

PIC_0006Day three - Instead of sitting right down in front of the boob tube I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and sorted my files and was left with a big stack to shred. Then I took the dog for a walk and then sat down to write. All in an hour. A very productive hour. After that I felt worthy of relaxing in front of the TV.

Work hard, play hard. That's one great lesson I learned from my ex husband, Gerard. He worked really hard, and he would reward himself with something fun when he was done. Sometimes it was a drinking binge, unfortunately. But sometimes it was a great movie or a favorite meal. He taught me how good it feels to work hard and get things accomplished. There is more joy in the relaxation when you've put in a day's work. He was never lazy.

After the first week, I can say that I got more little things done than I would have. I cleaned some clutter and I've done a lot more writing. The dog has enjoyed the benefit of a walk almost every day and he's sleeping much better at night, which means Rolando and I sleep better too.

So far so good....

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