War on Laziness Day 3: Work hard, play hard

Day three - Today instead of sitting right down in front of the boob tube I cleaned out my medicine cabinet and sorted my files so that I now have a big stack to shred. Then I took the dog for a walk and now I'm writing. All in an hour. A very productive hour. Now I feel worthy of relaxing in front of the TV.

Work hard, play hard. That's one great lesson I learned from my ex-husband, Gerard. He always worked very hard and he would reward himself with something fun when he was done. Sometimes it was a drinking binge, unfortunately. But sometimes it was a great movie or a favorite meal. He taught me how good it feels to work hard and get things accomplished. There is more joy in the reward when you've put in a day's work. He was never lazy!

PS. This is day 3 of my 30 day challenge to take one hour each day that I would normally be watching television and put it use doing something. Read my post "The Couch is Killing Me".

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