Thank You NBA Adam Silver for Banning Donald Sterling

The NBA absolutely did the right and honorable thing by banning Donald Sterling. When I first heard of this story, I didn't expect any consequences for Donald Sterling.  I thought, here's another case of  where anybody can spew whatever hatred they want with no consequences.

I'm personally relieved that Donald Sterling is being punished for his racist beliefs. And I'm thrilled with how stiff his penalties are.

I was deeply disappointed when A&E refused to pull "Duck Dynasty" off the air after Phil Robertson's anti-gay sentiments and then racial comments last December. A news report in January showed the program saw a decline in ratings of 28% after that. To me, that's not enough. It was weak and cowardly of A&E to take no action against Robertson.

We need to take a stand against hate of all kinds. It's wrong. We don't have to understand or like how others choose to live their lives, but we must not promote hate. It's the root of evil in our society.

Bravo to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver.

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